The State of the Industry Report (SOIR) examines the trends, challenges, and the opportunities in the contract packaging and manufacturing industry. It has been the leading data source for contract packagers and manufacturers since 2008.

Unique, Actionable Competitive Data

This 5th Edition of the CPA’s State of the Industry Report gathers views from over 150 industry executive interviews and surveys, plus quantitative and qualitative research to produce a detailed view of industry opportunities, headwinds, and the evolving future.

It’s a must-have data resource for professionals looking to manage the industry’s changing landscape, remain ahead of the competition, and make educated decisions for future success.

The SOIR Includes:

  • Detailed Overview of the Food/CPG industry: Comprehensive analysis of market size and revenue streams
  • Macroeconomic trends: The global forces shaping the industry
  • Industry CAGR by sector 2022-2028: In-depth insights into growth trends across various sectors
  • Rise of Private Equity: Examination of its continuous expansion and impact on the industry
  • Customer Perspectives: Analysis of how consumer perceptions are shaping the evolving marketplace
  • Labor Market Dynamics: Insights into the current labor scene and the challenges of a widening talent gap
  • Demographic Breakdown: Detailed statistics on company sizes, ages, regional distribution, and revenue figures
  • Technology Adoption Rates: An exploration of how companies are leveraging new technologies
  • International Competition: Assessment of competitive pressures from Mexico and other offshore regions
  • Sustainability, ESG and More

About the Contract Packaging Association

The Contract Packaging Association is the leading professional and trade organization for the Contract Packaging and Manufacturing industry. Formed in 1992 to serve the industry and related companies, the CPA promotes industry growth as well as the growth and welfare of member firms through its industry exposure and programs.

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The Contract Packaging Association State of the Industry Report is intended for anyone who invests in, competes in, sells to, buys from, or depends upon the Contract Manufacturing Contract Packaging (CP/CM) industry serving the North American Food and CPG sectors.

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