Frequently Asked Questions About the State of the Industry Report

The latest edition of the Contract Packaging Association’s State of the Industry Report is intended for anyone that invests in, competes in, sells to, buys from, or depends upon, the Contract Manufacturing and Contract Packaging (CP/CM) industry serving the Food and CPG sectors.

Unlike external, 3rd party statistical summaries, the State of the Industry Report combines quantitative and qualitative primary and secondary research with interviews from over 150 Contract Packaging and Contract Manufacturing (CP/CM) owners, CEOs, and other executives. Their first-person data and views are combined with primary and secondary quantitative and qualitative research to form a more complete picture of the industry and the markets it serves. The result is a report that goes beneath the numbers and exposes trends, drivers, and forces that are shaping the industry. Vital information for anyone with a stake in the industry.

The 180-page State of the Industry Report includes industry definition, size, scope, gross profit margins, growth rate, projections, labor trends, industry demographics, ownership demographics, geographic density, merger, and acquisition prevalence and more. You can also download the full table of contents from this website for more information.

The Contract Packaging Association (CPA) is the national, nonprofit trade organization for the Contract Packaging Contract Manufacturing (CP/CM) industry.

Formed in 1992 for contract packaging and contract manufacturing firms and related businesses. The CPA promotes the growth and welfare of member firms through its industry exposure and programs.

The CP/CM industry continues to experience rapid, sustained growth. The industry is consolidating. Many investors are evaluating contract packaging and contract manufacturing company opportunities. The information found in the State-of-the-Industry Report enables investors to make better decisions.
Over the past few years, the CP/CM industry continually produced record volumes of products for leading food and CPG companies. How can customers maximize the value they receive? The more customers know about the CP/CM industry, the better equipped they are to optimize their CP/CM relationships.
Each year the CP/CM industry spends billions more on equipment, materials, ingredients, and systems. Vendors seeking to maximize their opportunities with CP/CM companies use the State-of-the-Industry Report to better understand the needs of CP/CM customers and create superior solutions for them.
The Contract Packaging Association State-of-the-Industry Report is available for immediate electronic purchase in the CPA store. Click this link to be taken to the CPA store. All major credit cards are accepted.

The Contract Packaging Association invested over $50,000 and a year of research, building upon past years’ investments and data, to create the current State-of-the-Industry Report and the supporting structures.

The State-of-the-Industry Report is provided for $1995.

The report is available for purchase and download in the CPA Store. Press the “BUY NOW” button below to be directed to the CPA Store. All major credit cards are accepted.