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The Contract Packaging Association is pleased to announce the UPDATED State of the Industry Report. Now in its sixth edition, this unique industry research report is a benchmark for the contract packaging and contract manufacturing (CP/CM) industry, containing information not available from any other source. What do you believe you know about the contract packaging and contract manufacturing industry? Whatever it is, prepare to learn more as you read this study based on interviews with over 150 industry leaders, including contract packagers, contract manufacturers, brand customers, and suppliers. Original research is combined with quantitative and qualitative primary and secondary research. This report goes beyond the numbers with input from over industry owners, CEOs, and other key executives, as well as quantitative primary and secondary research. The new 2021 State of the Industry Report is a benchmark study on the state of the industry. The State of the Industry Report includes:
  • Defining the Food/CPG industry by scope and revenue
  • Industry CAGR 2021–2025 by sector
  • Post pandemic trends
  • The continued expansion of Private Equity
  • Industry consolidation trends
  • Customer views on the changing marketplace
  • The current labor market and widening talent GAP
  • Demographics on size, company age, locations, revenue
  • Enterprise technology implementations and penetration rates
  • Offshore and Mexico-based competition
  • Sustainability trends…and much more
The Contract Packaging Association State of the Industry Report provides deeper industry insight, increased market intelligence and conclusive future trend analysis. The report is valuable to contract packagers, contract manufacturers, private equity investors, industry suppliers. and customers.

Unique and Actionable Data

Most research reports are cold 3rd party statistical assessments by outsiders. They are common. The CPA’s State of the Industry Report combines over 150 online executive interviews, plus quantitative and qualitative primary and secondary research to produce a more detailed view of the industry, its opportunities, its headwinds, and its evolving future.

Leverage the State of the Industry Report to get information and perspective on the CP/CM industry. Investors, vendors, customers, and competitors are all seeking a competitive advantage. That edge begins with information. That information begins here.